Sculptor - Painter


"Vezzoni"      ( in memory of my grandmother Amelia )

Nonna Amelia

Art-name of Augusto Gallina, an Italian, who was born, in a hurry, in Bozzolo near Mantova on the 8th of May, 1945.

Io a 5 anni

I lived for a few years in Acquanegra sul Chiese near Mantova, then in Quingentole, source of my artistic activity, and afterwards in Modena where I worked in the enterprise "Fritz Hansberg" to support my family...

wife Stefania


daughter Erika


      and  at night I painted and carved.

Io nel 1981

Modena was the home of my first one-man exhibitions (1978, 1981) and then group exhibitions. In the end I came back to the never forgotten Quingentole, where I still live.



"DE VITA", about my artistic life.

My parents were unconscious promoters of my artistic dream:

PapÓ Riccardo

My father Riccardo gave me the chance to discover my deep rooted love for clay, taking me along the river Po right after the 1951 flood.

Mamma Bruna

My mother Bruna, was my most devoted admirer. She vanely tried to have me taught by a painter, master of the fantastic and her distant relative. He told me: "I won't teach you anything because what you will learn will be your own work"

I was born sculptor and painter thanks to favours received.
("Madonna delle Grazie" near Mantova).

Madonna delle Grazie

Santuario delle Grazie

My friendship with the great painter VALENTIN TIMOFTE formed me artistically, and opened my eyes to an untiring self-criticism.

                                                                                                                  Io e Timofte

After passionate but tormented long years of study of the occult powers, of the paranormal and of human bodily suffering, I came back to Quingentole, where, finding again my artistic roots, I started working with clay, oils and canvas, and drawing both in pencil and in sanguine.

Donna in fiore

Donna in fiore (sanguigna)


Fiore del cielo

Fiore del cielo (sanguigna)


"I would never have taught my students to match that red with those colours, but without it, that painting would have been anonymous".

"One can see you didn't go to "Belle Arti" because your works aren't affected by school influence. Your mind is clean, your hand free".

Four years after my first one-man exhibition a famous painter of the surrealistic moved me telling me: "I still have your brochure".

When I was very young, I took part in a parish exhibition, a master of the Chiarism, looking at one of my paintings said: " That's awful, this boy will never be a painter". A few years later I exhibited with him at the group exhibition "10 ARTISTI MODENESI" (10 artists from Modena) in the ARTESTUDIO in Modena and he also wanted me to join the Association "BELLE ARTI DI MODENA".

During a group exhibition, one of the participant painters said to me:
"You see, I'm not afraid of those big paintings, but of yours 10x15 cm and 15x20 cm".

The look on the face of the art gallery's manager was just beyond description when he saw that another gallery owner was visiting my one-man exhibition which, for some unknown reason had been opened 3 days before the "Vernissage" arranged.


As a member of the "Association of Belle Arti of Modena", I took part in all its events.

As a member of the "Circle of Artists of Modena" and of the "I 30", I took part in all its events.

In order not to bore you, I'll skip listing the innumerable one-man/group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, artistic reviews and art shows which I took part in, and all the newspapers and magazines that wrote about me and my artistic works.

I am pleased to show you some of my work and to have your comments

Vezzoni Sculptor Vezzoni Painter